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What’s Flask done so far?

We’ve worked with over 20 prominent creators and has continued to manage and operate our services for over three years with no outside investor backing. We work solely for the success of our clients.

What’s so special about Flask?

We’ve successfully generated over $1M in revenue as consultants and managers for several creators across multiple viewer bases. We help bolster both established creators and creators who are just getting started!


We started as a group of friends who were looking to help creators with any and all of their projects - Audio, Video, Sponsorships & Management. As fellow fans of all digital content, our goal is to do the best work possible while being as transparent as possible.

Our core belief, both personally and professionally, is that everyone

should be able to learn from and help each other grow.

Who we are

Examples of our past work

YFU Baby



Susu JPG



Creators we’ve worked with


Flask offers bespoke & turnkey media planning solutions which has generated over $1M in rev. for our creators


Experienced ownership team which has proven success through all levels of agency work


Flask’s in-house media team has produced over 40M YouTube views for multiple creators with our design solutions across multiple platforms

We enable creators to fully develop, grow and monetize

their brand without the heavy lifting