We help creatives achieve their goals through media & management.


We started as a group who was looking to help Creators in their projects, Audio, Video, Sponsorships & Management, our goal is to do the best work possible while being as Transparent as possible. We believe everyone should be able to learn from others & help each other grow.
Video Editing/YouTube Management
We can do everything from Editing your content to uploading, Researching SEO, Creating the thumbnails & managing your channel. While keeping you in the loop on how your channel is performing and what we could do to help buffer the costs of running a channel.
Designs & Branding
We help Design and establish your overall aesthetic into a brand Identity you can use to stand out. everything from Overlays, Icons and even 3D rendered Scenes to help you stand out in the saturated world of streaming.
Sponsorships & Management
We help reach out to sponsors on your behalf, keeping you in the loop the entire conversation. No skimming, No hidden cuts, only Transparent conversation between US and the brand.


Steven Bonnell (Destiny)
Projekt Melody
Will Neff (WillNeff)
Lily Pichu


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